NHS Bristol Smokefree

They've quit!

Jerry: 'Concerns about the dangers of secondhand smoke motivated me to quit'     


Jerry Cosh249w       




Steve: 'I used to smoke over 70 roll-ups a day .. now I'm feeling great and I go to the gym every day with my son'    


Steve Wood249       


Most people who smoke wish they didn't. Simple as that. We have supported some truly inspirational people through the Smokefree Bristol service.

They've done it .. so can you ! 

 'A dose of tough love worked wonders for me'

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'I'm enjoying a new lease of life'

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'I'm smokefree and hitting the high notes again!'

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'Money stays in my pocket for longer now!'

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Wajid, smokefree after attending a group

'Always attend the sessions, be patient with the product you use, have a positive attitude to giving up, and change your smoking habits one by one.'

Deirdre, smoked for 35 years

'The best things about the group were the benefit of sharing your experiences of stopping smoking, and the advice from the very experienced advisor.'

Philip, smoked for 40 years

'Medication is excellent but biggest benefit is the experience and support of others in the group using the same. The advisor was good at balancing discussions and giving advice.'

Danny, smoked for over 20 years

'Using this service was a great help and quitting was so much easier with the support of the advisor and group members. I would highly recommend the service.'