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Meet the Smokefree Bristol specialist advisors








My name is Kellie and I have worked for Smokefree Bristol since June 2008. I primarily support pregnant women to stop smoking by providing support  in their homes and in their community. As a mum myself I can really appreciate how important it is to stop during pregnancy and I really enjoy supporting women during this special time in their lives.

I have only ever smoked as a teenager and, after seeing the negative and distressing effects of smoking on my family, I am passionate about supporting people to stop. 



Hello, I am Jasmine and I have worked as part of the Smokefree Bristol team for two years. My primary role is running support sessions in workplaces.

I also organise groups, clinics and home visits for people with long-term conditions such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

It’s very rewarding to help people succeed in quitting smoking, and to see them leading healthier and happier lives as a result. 





Hi, I’m Sairah and I have worked as a stop smoking specialist for nine years. I really enjoy supporting my smokers, there is nothing more rewarding than when they succeed!

I specialise in supporting smokers in their workplace which is such a worthwhile project. We set up a clinic in your workplace and stay for as long as needed .. so if you would like us to visit your workplace, just give me a call.

Click here to read about one of our successful workplace projects.

We are able to offer every smoker a two-day trial of patches together with gum, inhalator or lozenge. There is no commitment .. it is all about having a go .. no pressure!  




My name is Bonnie. I used to smoke 10-20 per day, and even more when out socialising. It took me many attempts to stop but finally I succeeded.

I joined Smokefree Bristol in June 2008 and I work as a pregnancy stop smoking practitioner offering support and advice to mums, their partners and families.

Smoking in pregnancy can increase risks of complications to mum and baby and now all pregnant women in Bristol have access to information, advice and support which can significantly increase their chances of having a smokefree pregnancy.

I really enjoy supporting individuals, families and groups wanting to quit and I run various groups in the community. Supporting smokers to quit is a fantastic job, seeing how healthy, positive and revitalised people can feel when they quit – it’s very rewarding! 



My name is Piu (pronounced Poy) and I have worked for Smokefree Bristol since October 2008. I work all over Bristol running groups, clinics and doing home visits, primarily supporting smokers with long-term conditions and pregnant women.

I really enjoy supporting people to stop smoking. It’s so rewarding when a person quits successfully and they tell you about all the positive changes to their life, eg, feeling better, saving money, looking better, better circulation.



My name is Catherine and I have worked for Smokefree Bristol since January 2005. I primarily work with people with long-term conditions and it is really rewarding to see the positive change in people when they stop smoking.

I also provide support within local hospitals to staff and patients who want to stop.

I started smoking when I was 15 but never really took up the habit. I feel passionate about helping smokers to stop, having seen my own father die from lung cancer.



Mark 3


I’m Mark and I’ve been a stop smoking practitioner for three years. I was a smoker for about 10 years but, when it started affecting my fitness, I decided to knock it on the head - best decision ever!

I really enjoy supporting people to make positive changes in their lives - seeing them succeed and become healthier, wealthier and happier is extremely rewarding.

I run stop smoking groups and clinics in the community and in workplaces, and I support people with mental health problems to stop smoking. 


Mel (currently on maternity leave)  

My name is Mel.  I started smoking secretly when I was about 14 years old in order to settle my mind and calm my stressful thoughts. I smoked for several years then stopped when my friends found out. I foolishly started smoking again at university when all my new friends were smoking, and I found it increasingly difficult not to.  I finally stopped for good in my late twenties .. it took me several attempts to stop for good, but I am glad I did. 

My working life so far has been supporting people to come off addictions such as: heroin, crack, alcohol and now tobacco.  I have worked a lot with young people and in the area of mental health. 

I joined Smokefree Bristol four years ago and mainly work with people who have mental health problems and wish to stop smoking. I love the variation of my work, I love meeting new people and seeing people make positive changes in their lives.