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The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced this we [ ... ]

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Thinking about quitting

Is it too late to fxpro rally stop? Will I gain weight?

How important is it to stop?

Making the decision to quit

How confident am I that I can do it?
What support am I going to need?

Booking an appointment with an advisor

Where can I get help?
What happens at an appointment?

Keeping on track

What do I need to help me keep going?
How do I cope with cravings?

Ready to give it another go

How could it be different this time?
What will help me achieve it this time?   


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 Stoptober is here .. !

Some of the Stoptober pledges we've received:


'I want freedom. fxpro uk We fool ourselves that the freedom to smoke is good, when really we're trapped by addiction; and the expense to our pockets, health, time ..'


'I am taking up the challenge as I would like  to improve my health, save money and free my home environment of the unpleasant smell fxpro itrader of smoke ..'


'I will be giving up smoking for good (hopefully!) starting on the 1st October…'


'I am taking up the Stoptober challenge in view of my first child being born in January ..'



stoptober THREE

Click here for details of support groups and here to sign up to register for all the Stoptober goodies  

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